No Riverfire for me :(

Massive Migraine hit at approx 4pm. Took 4 panadol as I’m not allowed to take any NSAIDs. Riverfire was due to start at 7pm. Took another 4 panadol at 6pm. Rested in bed for those two hours, desperately waiting for it to pass. Ian came to me at 6.55pm and told me they were about to watch Riverfire on TV and he had some yummy spag bog for me if I wanted some.

Riverfire is always spectacular and we’ve often watched it on television. But this is the final year of the F-111’s as they have been replaced by the Super Hornets. We were determined to get there this year, particularly as it is likely to be the only time my brother Brent is living with us during this time.

The fireworks herald in the beginning of the Brisbane Festival. It coincides with the final concert ever of Powderfinger, right on the river’s edge in the city. It is a magical time to be in Brisbane.

And here I am, ruining it for everybody with a blasted headache. The throbbing thrum in my temples wasn’t abating. We ended up doing as we have done almost every year, and watched it on TV; the final dump and burns ever to be seen by the F-111’s. They did three runs this year, and it was spectacular as ever. We ran from the tv to the balcony to spy each tell-tale flame as it hovered overhead us and roared into the clouds, leaving a glowing ceiling of white fluff. It’s amazing to think we are 40kms away from where they originated and yet from our balcony the flame felt so close – as if you could reach out and feel its heat.

So we watched. And I ate. And Brent didn’t even grumble that we hadn’t taken him in to the city to see it. After all, he said, he was able to watch it on a 63″ television and that made it pretty spectacular for him. But not for me. I was so looking forward to it. And now after whinging and bitching and moaning in this post, I’m doing the only thing I can do.

Going back to bed.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. David de Groot
    Sep 05, 2010 @ 20:49:08


    As a fellow migrane sufferer, I can fully understand what you went through. They strike at the most inopportune moments and really are debilitating.

    Glad that my photo at least let you see some of what it was like to be there.



  2. December Jane
    Sep 06, 2010 @ 00:13:24

    Dave thank you so much! I love love love this photo and suspect that as soon as I manage to get myself a DSLR (my hubby has one but not me yet) we will book in for some lessons from you! Your photo was truly inspirational – thank you so much for sharing your gift! 😀


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