Swine Flu Sucks

I am getting over swine flu… h1n1. everytime I think i’m on the mend, I get struck by another spike in fever or exhaustion. I’m over it. And it’s making it doubly hard to think, let alone work on my assignments, work on trading, work on cleaning my house, work on writing game reviews, work on anything.

Sometimes just thinking about it all just exhausts me.

And then, there’s my 43rd birthday plans. All now in disarray. My original plan of a family get together at Lakes Entrance seemed so simple and easy – but it’s not to be. My birthday falls at the wrong time of the year for that. So all those plans are awry now and I’m stumped as to how to celebrate my single most important birthday ever.

I’m due to meet Rhiannon from Wildfire and Club Casual Games next week. I’m looking forward to it. I’m sure I will be better by then… right? Right? She’s so easy to talk to, and I really want her business to do well. And I’m also hoping to see Jewelz new home on Thursday. So I have to better for that.

Plus I need to be working on my first ‘camera-use’ assignment – I need to take photos, good photos and write stuff about it, and yet it’s only worth 10% of my mark. This is frustrating me. I’m crap with a camera which is why I’m doing this unit. So telling me to go out there and take photos is not filling me with hope for a good mark.

Okay, that’s enough whinging for today. I’ll stop now and go back to working out how to solve all my current dilemmas. If you’re bothering to read this (and I’ve no idea why you would) I sure hope you are having a great day!


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  1. Jules
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 14:46:50

    GOOD to have you back in the cyber world at least, sweetheart. I’ve been yelling at Google to make you better. *hugs*


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