Life has a way of throwing you curve balls…

Life is a wonderful thing – it’s full of zest and laughter and journeys and discoveries… and every now and then a few curve balls. Looking back over my last few weeks, I’m surprised by how much has changed and yet remained the same!

I’m almost completely over my swine flu (the world’s most annoying illness) and although I still sound like Kermit the Frog or a strangled cat, I am physically doing okay. I still get tired in the afternoons and I fade more easily than I did last month, but all in all, I’m much much healthier. Which is awesome!

But it also meant I had to complete my VIS15 (Photography) assignment (number 4) without using the flu as an excuse. And it was surprisingly hard. Take a photo showcasing the four laws of Gestalt’s Visual Organisation. Yeah right. Here, let me take a photo of lemur playing baseball because that would be easier. Does Australia even have baseball?

I finished it of course, but then I refused to submit it. I always submit. And I tend to be submit early. Very early. In fact, for the first three assignments, I was the first to submit. It’s very very odd when you can see everybody else’s work in a university course. So I forced myself to not submit first this time. Which meant hanging onto it for 9 days, impatiently pleading to the University Gods to make somebody else go first. Today, they did! Yay! So I submitted my assignment and I’m confident it’s dull as dishwater compared to the other three I viewed today. It sure was a toughie!

Of course, I’ve been avidly watching the Commonwealth Games. The first few days are always brilliant if you’re an Aussie – gold upon gold upon gold. Once the swimming stops, however, so does the medal haul. We only get them in dribs and drabs after that. But for that first week – ahhh – I feel that Aussie pride of invincibility! You can’t help but feel good!

So flu fixed, check.
Fourth assignment submitted, check.
Aussies winning Gold, check.
Inspire the world…. ummm no, not yet.

But I was inspired by my meeting with Rhiannon from Club Casual today. She’s vibrant and articulate and sassy and blunt and funny and interesting. And she’s a gamer. Oh my god… a gamer! And she gave me the ultimate compliment by stating I was more of a geek than her! Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) would be so proud of me. We discussed employment concepts for me with her businesses and it turns out she doesn’t have a huge amount of time for social networking. Uhhhh…. isn’t that just facebooking and tweeting etc? Uhhh, YES it is. So guess who offered to help her with social networking?

I find it hysterical that I started a university degree in Web Communications and thought – who the heck would ever employ you in this area, only to now discover that there is a real potential for me to get work doing… web communications. Sure I’m the search queen, (we all know that) and yes, I’m also a tweeterbug and a FB addict. And I love to waffle on crap (like this post as the perfect example!) And here I sit looking at this wonderful slow curve ball heading my way called possible employment. You see me shiver in antici…………pation!

Because with Rhiannon, I really do see myself as contributing in a strong and positive manner. I see myself in a role that actively and pro-actively helps their companies move forward. I can see myself giving input and ideas on games and not being told to ‘get back in my box’ like so many companies do. I envision being involved in watching a game being created and watching the process slowly take shape (even though I’m confident I’ll be frustrated by it’s lack of speed lol).

And for someone like me, who is very autonomous and not prone to working for other people, this is incredibly exciting. And different. Like a curveball. Barrelling toward me at 100kph. And now I feel like a lemur. Playing baseball. So, maybe it’s a good thing I don’t play sport, so I can just whack the shit out of it without worrying about technique or stance or whatever else is ‘proper’ or ‘correct’ and let’s just see where this baby lands.

I like Life. I like it a lot!


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