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I hadn’t posted in a while and thought I should at least get something down. I’ve been busy with Uni (preparing for Assignment five), not so with trading – don’t even go there with me as we don’t even have a live account yet! – and I’m flat out helping out as a Community Manager for Club Casual Games. I’m recording snippets of me playing games, writing reviews, writing editorials, writing articles, doing their twitter stuff, coming up with ideas (some of them even doable) and basically been so busy I haven’t had time to scratch my bum.

I go to Tin Can this weekend to wish my eldest brother a happy 50th. God here I am obsessed about turning 43 and he’s turning 50. I am sure he’s secretly worrying because Dad died at 52 and mum died at 56. Fifty is a big marker and I’ve made sure we purchased the appropriate candle to place on his cake.

It looks like this but it says 50 instead of Over the Hill

It looks like this but it says 50 instead of Over the Hill


So now I can fixate some more on my birthday. Thanks to the ever devilish, ever amazing, and completely berko Ms Julia I now find myself facing a terrifying prospect for my 43rd. Instead of doing the ‘death defying feat’ that reaffirms my life (and is somehow incredibly safe and therefore not really scary at all), my wonderful friend has suggested… wait for it… a tattoo to commemorate the occasion.


Now sadly to say, I suspect she’s on to something. Because the moment she mentioned it, my heart did flip flops. I paced around the room as if searching for an exit. My voice quickened and although I wasn’t sweating, I certainly did come close. When I told my bestie, Jewelz about it… unsurprisingly, her physical response was the same. So now we’re both as nervous as shits. And desperately trying to find the ‘right’ design for a tattoo that represents me, my journey and more importantly my view of the future in one single artwork. And of course, the right location. This is very very difficult work – after all, it’s going to be there for a bloody long time so I need to get it right. Who ever would have thought that me, with a extreme phobia of needles for 30 odd years and overcome by the power of Christopher Howard workshops – would actually consider a tattoo. And I’m not only considering it. I’m trying to design it! Freaky, mate, freaky!


So that’s whyI haven’t blogged. Because I’ve had a life. And it’s been busy. And full. And Exciting. So just how bloody cool is that?


It’s Bloody cool!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. julesispresent
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 00:33:27

    Soooooooo cool. But at some point you’re going to have to stop blaming me for having to get a tattoo :oP


  2. December Jane
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 01:13:43

    Ummm no i don’t. i discovered a new phrase today. it’s called…

    “blaming tool”

    and you are my blaming tool lol

    (i’m still trolling for tat pics lol)


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