Too Cool for School

As we near the end of University’s first year, my ‘good will’ canteen seemed to waning and it’s been harder and harder to be ‘nice’ to people and help them out. I’m just a little overwhelmed at times and it can be hard juggling it all, particularly being helpful and nice and pro-active.

And just when I have had enough and just can’t cope with any more, my beautiful and industrious friend Julia comes to my rescue with the best. post. ever. i mean, super best. post. ever

or series of posts as is the case. Here’s the essence of what she wrote:

Just FYI people: Dec is NOT a representative of Curtin University. She is in no way affiliated with ANY university. Quite frankly, you should all stop harranging her to help you with your shit. Basically, anything she can answer, you can find yourself at any of the following places:

  2. Blackboard
  3. Twitter (your TUTORS)
  4. Common knowledge
  5. No really, just *THINK* about it for a second.
  6. Yeeeeeah. That’s it. Seeee. You knew it all along.

She’s a person, people. Not an encyclopaedia. She has a life and her own work to do…. so how about you ease up on the neediness?

I love you Julia, you really rock my world 🙂


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