List me the blues

That you see in the world

Show me the bright colours

With your meanings unfurled.

Blues are the saddest

of moments we’ve found

When blues are the winners

on the football sportsground.

Blues are the aquas

and turquoise of greens

And blues are the mountains

In Sydney’s postcard scenes.

Blues are to clues while

blue lines up with poles

The Pollack of artists is

to see and behold.

The blue heeler or

Blue in the berry

The blue sits ‘tween the devil

And the deep blue sea.

Here are more blues

For I cannot rest yet

Blue chips in stock markets

and Blue ribbons on chests

There’s no blue without

orange and yellow

And Little Boy Blue

Was a colourful fellow

With a bolt from the blue

We found blue care.

Beyond blue would help us

In our blue-blood despair.

The blue of the whale,

The cross and the card

The blue light disco and the

band “blue” who died hard.

Yet when I’m thinking

Of all that is blue

Tis this little blue planet

Which I most turn to.

So there is my list

Of the blues and the blue

Which ones have I missed?

Well, I now turn to you.


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