A Life Well Lived

Grandma’s sitting in her rocking chair
Her face all wrinkled like a dried up pear
But I see a sparkle deep in her eyes
And I wonder if she’s still full of surprise.

Did Grandma have a rebellious streak?
Or were you a good girl – shy and meek?
Did you get caught going out at night?
Or kissing boys then running in fright?

Did you stand up for the rights of girls
Or be the glory in tiara and pearls?
I wonder Grandma about your youth
With the wisdom you’ve gained and your moral truth.

What frightens you now, and was it scarier then?
Did the years whiz by or did each take ten?
Were you happy with your life and where it went?
Did you value your time and where it was spent?

I look at you Gran with your weathered hands
And I’m sure you do more than just understand.
You have a wisdom that I’ve never known
And a strong sense of will that’s all home grown.

Can you share some of the world you’ve seen
And help me become a better me?
Because books are good but they aren’t you.
I am your future and I haven’t a clue.

Tell me your story and leave nothing out.
The life well lived or messed about
I’ll stay here right next to you
And we’ll just chat all night through.

I’ve so much to learn from your witty tales:
Just you and me and those juicy details.


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