Poetry challenge (Dec 9, 2016)

Words given: Brussels sprouts, unicorn farts

Time <10 minutes
Alice was drowning in doubts

Of her skill to grow fab Brussel sprouts

So she dug with a pole

And fell down a hole

And found wonderland stuck in a drought. 
She met a wizard without any cares

And a queen with violent red hair 

But she continued her walk

Never stopping to talk

Until she across a big pair
The Tweedle boys stuttered in starts

And hated that bitch queen of hearts. 

But they smelled really bad

And Alice became very sad

When they claimed it was unicorn farts
So she bottled that crap as a scent

Then started her rocky ascent

Returned to her field

Saw the crops had no yield

And became famous as Yves St Laurent


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